Charles LAMARCHE - Founder of CL Spectacles 


Coming from a circus and travelling theatre family, I have always been lucky to be immersed in the world of shows and horses. After completing the family training, I began my career in equestrian stunting. 


First as part of George Branche's team and then with Mario Luraschi, I spent roughly 8 years discovering film sets and even had the pleasure of participating in several large international films as an actor-stuntman. In parallel, I also worked in theme parks across Europe, including Europa Park, la Mer de Sable, and Disneyland. These experiences brought me to master an array of artistic universes, and to recognise their individual components and flavours. 


The year I turned 25, I met the man who would become my mentor in Cossack voltige, Guennadi Touaev, and I decided to leave my comfort zone and go headfirst into the world of circus. I was searching for artistic creativity, which I was missing terribly in the world of stunt and equestrian shows. Here, in circus, is where I learned most about stage production, in particular thanks to my experience overseas in productions such as Saka, lead by Gilles Sainte-Croix (co-founder of Cirque du Soleil) and Cavalia Odysseo by Nourmand Latourelle. 

I was able to discover the immense possibility of technical effect and stage design from some of the greatest directors and producers. 


Independently, I have directed my own companies that I have led parallel to my career.
Because of this, despite my comparatively young age, I learned how to lead, to create a team, to write shows- and most of the time, with very little means, always reaching for the impossible. 


Today, with my wealth of experience from my colourful artistic career, I have turned towards creation, conception, direction, and artistic consultation. My goal is to accompany artists in the development of their acts and shows, and to aid businesses in the realisation of projects at the grandest scale. 


Also passionate for the transfer of knowledge, I direct Cheval Art Action, a professional training centre for trades in live entertainment near Reims - France, in which I have the pleasure of accompanying and teaching youth, opening doors for a new generation to a life of passion for live entertainment.